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Registered on the account

Qestion If individual users can use it?
answer Individual users can also use. Please enter your name in the Company Name column.
Qestion My application is in review, can I register?
answer Yes you can.The ads will be published after the review has been passed

About SDK

Qestion How long for set the SDK ?
answer Generally 5 minutes to complete the setup.
Qestion Are the specifications for set methods ?
answer You can download by the following page.

SDK set up manual


SDK set up manual

Qestion Why set up the SDK, the ads still not showing up?
answer Re-checking the SID has been filled in SDK.
If the SID has been completed, it may be our settings has not been completed, Plesase wait a moment.


About the management page

Qestion when I can start the Management page ?
answer After the account review, you can use the administration page. Generally it takes 3 working days
Qestion What are the recommended browsers?
answer we recommended for using firefox5.0, firefox4.0, IE8 and IE6.

FAQ for the site and application developers

Qestion Why I can not enter the account name?
answer The account name can not contain the half-width of the spaces, use the half-width alphanumeric.

Advertisers, advertising agencies FAQs

Qestion What are the requirements of the ad settings?
answer 【Image ad sizes】
  【Image ad sizes】
○Longitudinal Size:320×48px
○Capacity Restriction:20KB below
○File format: gif, jpeg, png
○Continuous advertising: 10
【Text ad sizes】
○Words: the first line, second line (each line half-width of 35 words or less)
※Text ads can show icon
Can use custom icons or system icons
Use a custom icon please set by following provisions.
○The size of icons: 38 × 38px
○The capacity limit in 3KB
○File format gif, jpeg, png
○Only 10 ads at same time


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